Dynamometer V3 | Bluetooth 4.0



Although the BioFET muscle tester is a standalone device, it is equipped with a Bluetooth function. This enables you to connect it to a computer via a special USB dongle and to exchange data with our optional BioFET software program. (Windows 7, 10 and higher, modern Macs and iPads)

The special USB Low Energy Blue Giga Dongle is mostly delivered together with your BioFET Dynamometer but can be purchased separately through your dealer and is essential to enable communication between the BioFET, your computer and the BioFET Software.

Experience the power of the BioFET Software temporarily free of charge. Please fill out the form below and receive your download link immediately.

Main software features:

  • Full patient information such as name, identification and address details, patient number, age, weight, height, gender, affected and dominant side, etc.
  • Information about the practitioner and the complaint of the patient.
  • 17 pre-selected standard muscle (weight) movements and the possibility to add own protocols.
  • Variable measurement settings such as (affected) side, number of measurements, sequence (first left or right or alternating) and measurement unit (Kg, Pnd, Newton).
  • Measurement results are indicated in graph with, among other things, absolute values, averages, deviations, and norm values, (Andrews and Bohannon).
  • Historical and progress analyzes as well as the possibility to display comparative tests and progress reports between the same and / or different patients (max. 6 per comparison) in a uniform unit of measurement.
  • Copying and printing of measurement and progress reports as well as comparative reports.
  • Exporting (.xml files) from measurement results to e.g. your own system.
  • Creating a security (back-up) copy of your database.
  • Placement and sharing of a centralized database for Windows and iMac´s
  • Automatic and manual language selection in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


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